Should you go see Hotel Artemis?



Because it's fun.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Collider preview and cast Q&A this past Monday. I battled LA traffic, alone, armed only with my podcasts, to arrive at the Arclight theaters off Sunset. Being alone I, of course, started talking to people I did not know (a direct violation of what my mother taught me when she left me alone in the car with the windows down). During our conversations, we all found how tired we are of movies where the main characters are trying to save the world or solve the problem or do the thing that fixes the MacGuffin.

Hotel Artemis doesn't do that at all. It tells a small story inside the framework of a larger, albeit, a possible story of water riots in LA in the near future. The characters are wonderful in their screwed up ways and the acting is on point.

This future felt real enough to me without having to have everything explained to me. The director Drew Pearce did a fantastic job of leaving enough breadcrumbs of background narrative for the tech that was being used that the audience didn't need to have everything explained. Hotel Artemis isn't trying to sell you on this world being real by having every little thing talked about, but instead, it relies on the audience having enough technical familiarity with nanites and 3-D printers to pull it off.

I wish films did this more often. I wish films treated their audiences like the geniuses they should be seen as and just roll forward with their story. I remember an interview with Michelle Rodriguez for Battle: Los Angeles where she said she didn't feel the need to explain what an EMP was since most people should know what it is by now. And she's correct, filmmakers and writers and game designers need to remember that your audience isn't stupid and doesn't need everything spelled out.

Lastly, the score was a perfect mix of John Carpenter and Ennio Morricone, at least that's what I picked up from it. 

Just, go see Hotel Artemis, it's worth your time and money.