How Patton Oswalt hits the nail on the head

Finding something that resonates genuinely for my creative soul is rare, but when I do find it, man does it feel good.

I woke up today, had some coffee, and found this interview with Patton Oswalt on Off Camera with Sam Jones, its a fantastic show on YouTube. Go watch it, but first watch this segment with Oswalt:

Oswalt hits a spot in my brain that is true and it’s the biggest hurdle to overcome when you are working in any field but especially in creative work: People want to help you by stopping you.

More often than not we are allowing the negative voices in our head a very comfortable couch while we force the positive ones to work for their steel stool in our minds. This is done for a myriad of terrible reasons, like we feel we’re not good enough to have compliments given to us or that good thoughts are cheesy and therefore irrelevant. In either case, we are wrong, and we need to embrace our positive selves more often and shrug off that negative voice saying it’s wrong to do so.

We need to be okay with being kind to ourselves or else we will not make it in our lives.