Daily Iron 17- Use your damn hands!

II was 20 when I decided I didn’t want to be a useless person. I got up, went to Home Depot to get supplies to build a table, and promptly screwed that up when I got it to my then girlfriend now wife’s house.

I started going to IKEA, and I haven’t looked back since.

My generation was the one that started to see auto shops and wood shops leaving high schools since it was clear that I.T. and computers were going to be the way to make money. This was a tragic loss to the education process as it told millions of students, “Oh, you don’t have to worry about learning this, someone else who’s lower than you will do it for you instead since you’re going to be busy with better things.”

Only the problem is that using your damn hands to fix something or make something has been a better experience than any office job I’ve held.

Motherboard posted a video in a series called State of Repair about the machinists who are keeping the New York Times running. It’s worth a watch:

If this video got your blood pumping to get a wrench to fix something (anything!), then you should pick up the book Shop Class as Soul Craft by Matthew B. Crawford. It really got my mind thinking about whether or not I was in the right line of work even though I was told by society that was in the ‘best place possible.’

The answer is my life currently, and I am going to show my daughter and any other future kids that using your damn hands can lead to some great things.