Daily Iron 16- When shoes collide!

When you start a story with, “I was on Twitter last night” it’s usually downhill from that point.

This is not that story.

I was on Twitter, sliding through the usual posts about how terrible things are and found a post from Sarah Gailey (@gaileyfrey):

Finding people who like the same things as you, who are not from the path you have taken in your life, but enjoy the same thing as you is why Twitter was once one of my favorite platforms. Social media allowed us to connect to one another, and for this exchange I found myself geeking out about Allen Edmonds with folks who are from other places and whom I may never meet.

It was this moment that gave me a second to think: Things aren’t so bad out there, beyond these walls of mine. I hope to find more encounters like this, and I encourage you to do the same.

Fuck the haters, find the fun, and talk.