Daily Iron 8- From coffee to music, texture helps writing

When I'm writing anything, I am usually listening to something while I am digging into the innards of my mind. 

When I am listening to music, it isn't just any piece of music I can find, but rather specific songs, and even then those songs usually have a texture to them that helps to build the world in my head. After talking to some friends I came to the realization that when I listen to music I am not listening just for the tempo, bass lines, and lyrics, but instead, I am attracted to music that has a texture to it. A texture that makes a soundscape that scratches the right part of my brain so I can access the story from it is a magical find for me. Something like Amon Tobin really gets me into gear:

Starting off on a new story I often find a soundtrack or an artist and save it in type in the word file, so I know what to listen to if I take a break from the story. Often I go for soundtracks because its music built for a specific purpose and vibe and that usually meshes well with the way my brain works. Soundtracks typically are going for a particular vibe, which is why I have a small collection of them in my car (Yes, I buy physical media still).

I am going to link some of the songs I've used in the past to write, and maybe you can catch my meaning:

And when I just need a portal into a world I just throw on the sound of rain. I love it and it pushes out the clutter in my mind. Check out my favorite rain sound site here.

When you write what is it that you use to help get into the zone? Let me know on Twitter @Ironcladwords.

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