Daily Iron 1- What we're supposed to do

I tried writing a daily blog a while ago on this fresh website, but like most of the things I write, I began to overthink the topics and it started to feel impossible to complete. A daily blog for writers because, like other humans, our lives can be busy with nothing that matters. 

And yet, these non-things feel important, and we think we're supposed to be doing them.

Non-things are fillers in the cracks of time in a day that naturally occur. Moments that used to be filled with nothing are now filled with essential non-things. Gaps in which we get to think, breathe, daydream, imagine are now filled with stories we need to share on Instagram. We need to share what it is we're doing with our lives at a nearly constant rate; at least that's the silent commandment that many of us follow.

If we're not refreshing the feed, adding to stories so everyone can see what we're doing, it can feel crushing. As a creative, it is especially important that I share my work and my life with the audience at large, at least that's what we've been told we need to do. In this social media age, we have to share our work because we are both the artist and promoter. The hermit and the social butterfly, which can lead to plenty of complications.

We need to pick when we need to share. We feel like we're supposed to share everything always because some of the biggest names in the online space have been doing it for years to great success. Turning off social media at points in our day is vital because creativity happens in the quiet corners of our lives.

We have to protect those quiet spaces because without them we can fail even to do a daily blog. At least once a day, I sit quietly with my daughter so we can appreciate the stillness of that day. It's important for anyone to do this during those seconds, minutes, and even hours where nothing is occurring because it is then we find out what is important to us. That is when we find out who we are as people.


P.S. I will be doing a daily blog. Not all of them are going to be this long, but tune in on the daily for random insights and maybe something fun! Also, check out my newsletter which will be sent out Fridays with updates on my work along with links to awesome things I've found online over the course of that week. Sign up here.

Thank you for your time.