Hey Thursday- Why at home wind turbines are a good idea

I have been raised on sci-fi. It is in my blood, my DNA, and I love it. To me, nothing screams 'I live in the future' like a damn windmill making power for my house.

Usually most people think of the giant windmills that have setup shop in the desert, oceans, and plains. There are some who believe that they were set down by the gods themselves, for how else could something so massive appear on the landscape? When you suggest the idea of having at home windmills, the question that can come up is, "Which god do I pray to in order to get one?"

Moving beyond the absurd, most people do think a windmill that generates power has to be the size of a Sequoia tree; which isn't true. 

You can get a windmill generator at Walmart of all places. These at home wind turbines aren't much bigger than your head and can be hooked up to a battery pack so you can utilize the power it draws to charge devices or even run some appliances. 

These at home wind turbines are fantastic if you don't own your roof but want to generate some power to offset your electric bill. And most importantly, at least in my mind, they make any place they are attached to feel like they are from a sci-fi story.

My only worry would be if mentally unstable old men would try to slay it with a lance.