Hello Monday- How to stage a house

We are selling our condo and that means having to stage it. Staging, for those of you who don't know, is the process in which you remove yourself from the space you used to call home so that others who are looking to purchase the space you are currently occupying can project themselves into it and see themselves living in the space you are currently occupying.

I like my definition best, but if you're very curious, here's the official term.

Since I am going through this, I wanted to share some tips:

  • Leave no photos of your face- No one wants to actually see the people they're potentially buying a home from, so with this in mind, take any face of you and your family off of the walls. Leave body parts like feet touching each other in sand or clasping hands, so people can imagine those are their body parts framed on the sink.
  • Vacuum all personality out- Your taste in Doctor Who poster art and figures is impeccable, but to a potential buyer, it might be seen as obsessive that you have David Tennant staring down at your bed from the ceiling. Roll up that art and hang up generic art from Home Goods that offends no one and means nothing.
  • Become a non-person- Once you list your place you are no longer a home owner, but are instead the world's nicest ghost. You clean every surface, everyday, and if you're home when a visit happens you must hide yourself in the nearest closet. Don't breathe, again, they must not know you exist. 

Follow these steps and you too will be selling your home in an economy that makes you ask, "Why am I doing this?"

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