How biking is helping my freelancing

You will find that being a freelancer is hard. The reasons for this can vary from finding work to getting clients to pay to lastly the isolation.

This blog is about that last bit.

A crew of astronauts emerged from isolation as an experiment to see how people would do when they're crammed into a tin can in the void of space (except in this piece 'space' was Hawaii). Why they did this, I don't know, because really they could have just asked a group of freelancers to occupy an apartment for the same duration and probably for free because they don't use the proper invoicing software.

Back to the bike, you see, I bought that bike as a set of two for $25 on OfferUp. They are standard issue beach cruisers, single gear, Huffy, and recently I found out were made for teens (I'm not that short... really). After purchasing them we got a wagon for my daughter and went on a ride. It was hard, very hard, who knew a single gear bicycle would be so tough to use on hills while towing an extra 30 lbs? We've been taking family rides whenever it isn't raining.

Then one day, while working, I got depressed. It happens sometimes to freelancers (I assume) because we don't have office mates or friends around that we can spin around and say hi (the plants never says hi back, those jerks). It's lonely and some days are harder than others, but on this day I had an idea: I'd go for a ride.

I got on my bike and rode around like a 12-year-old (with reckless abandon and no helmet). I just rode, didn't go anywhere, but just being outside and seeing the world beyond my window made me feel better. I found that whenever I began to feel blue that if I took a ride I felt better. By looking around and seeing people, I didn't feel as alone anymore, and frankly, the exercise wasn't bad either.

Also, for $12.50 (half of $25...yes, I did the math) I've found riding a bike to be cheaper than a bottle of pills and less annoying than a coffee shop. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up because it will only help.