I've never finished Dune

Let me be perfectly frank here, I do not intend to return to Dune. After trying to read it for the fifth time, I think I can safely say it is not for me. I know this book has a huge following and is massively successful (Until Herbert’s son took over, at least, that’s what I’ve been told, and it was told with such conviction it must be fact? Because that’s what makes a fact a fact these days, saying words with conviction) and it also influenced the sci-fi genre to the point you can find its fingerprints on almost every major franchise out there today.

But, to me, Dune is boring.

When I wanted to become more of a reader in college, I went to the bookstore and bought Dune. I’d heard so much about it in high school that I figured I might as well start there. I love sci-fi movies and games, so this must be a good fit.

Ehhhh, not so much.

Like a victim, I blamed myself. Surely this must be my fault. There must be something wrong with me because this book is huge. The ideas in it have been used time and time again in Star Wars, Warhammer 40k, and numerous other titles that I know that the onus is on me to enjoy this book. I held a guilt rock in my heart as I spoke to others about this book because I did not like it. Which is why I wasted four additional attempts to enjoy it.

Over time, I found that blaming myself for not liking something that is so monumentally successful and is considered a classic (It has a leather bound version from Barnes and Nobles! They don’t just make every book like that) was ridiculous. I came to this realization after my last go around with the book.

Dune is just bad. There, I said it. But the fact that I have stated this, and I am now a little paranoid about this statement, stumbles upon the problem with fandom in general. As fans we jump on those who do not love what we love, all do this, but it really needs to stop.

If someone doesn’t like that thing you love, do not guilt them about it. Pounding their head against the virtual pavement will not make them a believer or change their mind. It just makes you a shitty fan and person.

It’s one thing to make a critique of a title you like or something. If I stated that you could fix Dune by doing XYZ, then I have opened a discussion and should be able to defend my point of view. Even with my opinion here, as basic as it is, I should be able to defend why I don’t like Dune. It’s just been the social pressure surrounding this title that has kept me from registering this thought in digital paper.

Being a fan of a book, movie, comic, whatever, is amazing. Don’t stop being that, but just realize that if someone doesn’t like the thing you love, that is okay. They don’t have to like it.

TLDR: I don’t like Dune. I’ve given it a fair shot. The reason why is that it is boring and don’t hate people who don’t like the same thing as you.

P.S. I am thankful for Dune existing because I love this meme: